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BlueSkyModelling Agency

BlueSky Models & Ushers was established to meet the insatiable demands of a more dynamic way of projecting brands through portraits, images and physical appearance appealing to the average human eyes. Our mission is to manage your entire project from start to finish, leaving memories that makes you always want to come patronize us again and again.

BlueSky M&U represents female, male, children and baby models to suit all clients request.

At BlueSky, we enjoy the work that we do and we work to impart that self-confidence into the jobs we book. With us you are rest assured.

Commercial Modeling

The demand for models and selling face for products, brands or company cannot be over emphasized. Advertising demands a catchy look, attractive figures and carefully selected model that will convey the message of the brand or products. Hence, we offer a variety of model for commercial adverts e.g corporate websites, yearly calendars, billboards, corporate events, product packs, TVAds etc. And for product endorsement on contract basis.

Fashion Models

Often times this is the classic beauty – tall, slender, healthy and beautiful that sells, this is why we provide the very needed set of models for prints catalogs, fashion editorials pages on magazine etc. The marketing goal is something called transference. In other words our mode helps people believe that they will look as good in the clothing as the model.

Fashion Runway Models

We provide our carefully selected models to clothing designers who traditionally show their new collections to wholesale buyers. How well a model makes the clothes look will determine how well they sell.

Ushering Models

For events, weddings, concerts, AGMs, corporate events, club events, product launching, product sampling and activation etc. At BlueSky M&U, we supply trained Ushers who are experienced and can make your occasion feel like a “done deal”.

Facial Modeling

We provide models suitable for beauty shots that are taken solely for the face to promote your cosmetics products, other products, websites campaigns and many more.

Please note that every models displayed  on this Web page, profile and social media platforms are 100% duly registered with BlueSky M&U as we do not portray any form of unauthorized portraits just to seal business.